Andika Mountnear
Instructor  - Paragliding, Paramotor, & Paratrike - Tandem Pilot      

Summary of qualifications

Ø APPI Instructor License 10140

Ø APPI PPG Instructor License 11735

Ø PLGI Instructor License PG.0174

Ø Certified by APPI and APPI PPG/ PLGI/Microlight & Paramotor/FASI/FAI to conduct courses and issue licenses

Ø Undergone DHV Instructor training program


Tandem Pilot

Ø Certified by APPI and APPI PPG/ PLGI/Microlight & Paramotor to bring all passengers on commercial tandem flights


Professional memberships 

Ø Member of APPI and APPI PPG, International Association of Paragliding Pilots and Instructors Worldwide (Association of Paragliding Pilots and Instructors and Paramotor

Ø Member of Malaysian Paragliding and Paramotor Association

Ø Member of PLGI and Microlight & Paramotor which operates under FASI ; Governed by FAI (Federation Aeronautique Internationale)

Ø National team pilot                                                                                                                


Best Achievements
Ø Accuracy Malaysia Circuit, Bukit Sendayan 2010 - 1"Solo

Ø Accuracy Malaysia Cup, Pedas 2010 - 1"Solo

Ø Previous Holder of Indonesia Distance Record (WXCC open Cat2, Task 2 - 2009, 64KM)

Ø Accuracy PTLM Close 2009 - 1"Solo

Ø Malaysia Jempol International Paragliding Carnival 2009 - 3"Solo    

Ø XC Open distance, National Championship 2008 - Silver medallis "Team

Ø XC Race to Goal, National Championship - 2008 Silver medallist ”Team

Ø Accuracy, National Championship - 2008 Silver medallist ”Tandem

Ø Accuracy,Toba Lake open-2008 3”Solo

Ø Accuracy,Malaysia open-2007 3”Solo

Ø Accuracy ,PORPROV-2006 1”Solo

Ø XC,Batu open/serial class-2006 1”Team

Ø Accuracy,Batu open-2006 2”Solo

Ø XC,Wonogiri open/open class-2005 3”Team

Ø Accuracy,Batu open - 2005 1”Team

Ø Accuracy,National Championship-2004 Silver medallist”Team

Ø Best Athlete in Banten Province-2003

Ø Accuracy,National Championship-2003 1”Tandem

Ø XC Opendistance,National Championship-2003 Goldmedallist”Team

Ø XC Overall,National Championship-2003 Gold medalist”Solo

Ø XC Open distance,National Championship-2003 Gold medalist”Solo

Ø Accuracy,Walikota batu cup II-2001 2”Solo

Ø Accuracy,Walikota batu cup I-2000 2”Solo