Basically, the equipment used for paramotor is the same as for paragliding, the only difference being the addition of a powerful motor which aids in the process of taking off. Hence, the pilot is able to launch from lower altitudes or even flat land.

Pilot Paramotor - Rating 1 (PPG-1)

PPG-1 reaches a minimum in the 6 days meeting Through our PPG – 1 course you will become a self-sufficient pilot and have a pilot "License Paramotor" with Rating PPG-1

Timing for training sessions is flexible and can be arranged around your personal schedule, subject to prior discussion and agreement with your instructor. Our operations continue 7 days a week but do keep in mind that we depend heavily on the grace of mother nature.


Each student pilot will receive :

· A basic paramotor module

· A logbook from Pordirga Microlight & Paramotor - FASI

· Full equipment support for the duration of the course

· A Student Pilot Course certification from MPc

 · PPG-1 license from Pordirga Microlight & FASI

upon successful completion of the examination


Training consists of :

· A classroom session

· Outdoor practical sessions

· 10 x solo flights and total duration 2 hours (under instructor supervision with radio guidance)

· Examination for the PPG-1 qualification


Course syllabus :

· History of Paramotor & Organization

· Introduction of equipment and maintenance

· Basic aerodynamics and basic meteorology

· Wind and site orientation

· Take-off techniques

· Basic special maneuver

· Control of airspeed

· Techniques to approach landing

· Basic tips in handling sticky situations

· Air rules and regulations

· Simulation of deploying the reserve chute

· Parachute Landing Fall (PLF)

 Exclusive price !!!


40% discount from training fees for pilots who purchase equipment from MPc