Paragliding Course Packages

Our main focus here at MPc is education. We offer a number of training courses to potential pilots who wish to acquire the required skills to perform solo flights – the level depending on the individual’s needs and expectations. Timing for training sessions is flexible and can be arranged around your personal schedule, subject to prior discussion and agreement with your instructor. Our operations continue 7 days a week but do keep in mind that we depend heavily on the grace of Mother Nature.

1. Introductory - Student Pilot Course

This course is offered by MPc as an introduction to the basics of paragliding so as to enable the potential pilot to experience the joys of solo flight.

Each student pilot will receive :

* Full equipment support for the duration of the course
* A Student Pilot Course certification from Mountnear Paragliding Center

Course syllabus :

* Basic introduction to equipment
* Wind and site orientation
* Canopy inflation, control and deflation
* Pre-flight equipment check
* 10 x solo flight
* Practical examination conducted by the instructor

2. Extended Course

For those who decide to venture further after the Student Pilot Course and complete up to Pilot-Rating 1 (PL-1). Syllabus as stated under PL-1 course.

3. Pilot-Rating 1 (PL-1) Course

Through our PL-1 course you will become a self-sufficient pilot. You will learn micro meteorology as it relates to local weather conditions. You will also learn how to fully control your glider and basic tips in handling sticky situations.

Each student pilot will receive :

· A basic paragliding module

· A logbook and flying passport from PLGI

· Full equipment support for the duration of the course

· A Student Pilot Course certification from Mountnear Paragliding Center

· PL-1 license from Persatuan Layang Gantung Indonesia (PLGI) and Federasi Aerosport Indonesia (FASI)
  upon successful completion of the examination

Training consists of :

· A classroom session

· Outdoor practical sessions

· One tandem flight with a certified instructor as an introduction to flight

· 40 x solo flights

· Examination for the PL1 qualification

Course syllabus :

* Ground Training :

o History of paragliding & Organization of PLGI

o Anatomy of the glider, care and packing of the glider

o Pre-flight equipment check

o Canopy inflation

o Basic aerodynamics and basic meteorology

o Solo Flights : (under instructor supervision with radio guidance)

o Wind and site orientation

o Take-off techniques

o Handling of glider

o Basic special manouevres

o Weight shift control

o Control of airspeed

o Ridge soaring

o Techniques to approach landing

o Basic tips in handling sticky situations

o Air rules and regulations

o Simulation of deploying the reserve chute

o Parachute Landing Fall (PLF)

· Exclusive price !!!

40% discount from training fees for pilots who purchase equipment from MPc