SIV + ACRO Course 2013/08/23 - 12:57 am

SIV + ACRO Course

Everything starts from zero & now’s the time toPush your limits...! 

Come to Malaysia and improve your safety-in-flight & Acro skills with us! 
All pilots are welcome, especially those who want to try their first collapse or Full Stall, 
MacTwist, SAT, or more... 
SIV or Simulation d'Incident en Vol course teaches a pilot to adequately deal with unpleasant glider situations that may arise in flight, usually as a result of forces of nature or pilot error. During this course, you will be taught step-by-step to create these situations as well as the methods of recovering from them.Equipped with this knowledge, your flights will not only be at a higher level of safety, but much more enjoyable as you will be confident in recovering from unexpected dangerous situations.

Date: 02 – 04 July 2010
Location: Manoeuvres - At Pulau Indah, Klang – Selangor Malaysia

SIV and Arco Course With Swiss Instructor & Acro Pilot :


David Arrufat

For detail information on Instructors profile, please go to :

Registration: Starts 08 May 2010


This course includes

- 1-day towing introductory course prior to the event.
- Towing from beach front, with take-off points to different wind directions.,average altitude 500-1000 meter above water

- Radio guidance

- Learn the secrets of recovering from unfortunate events such as spin, twist etc

- Individually optimized instruction

- Rescue boat and life jackets provided                                                                                    
- Video analizing

- T-shirt SIV

- Certificate SIV course


Price                                      Per Person

1 group ( 6 people)             RM 2280

2 groups ( 12 people)         RM 1740

3 groups (18 people)          RM 1560

Advance payment of RM 750 is required for successful registration

Account number : Maybank 512222324753

Beneficiary : Mountnear Paragliding Center (M) Sdn Bhd

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.   or

Organizer : Chris +6012 3131467

                     Nasa +6012 2811674 and

                     Mountnear +6019 8873918

See you in the sky!