We wish you a happy flying New Year - MPc Team - 2014/01/11 - 04:46 pm

SIV + ACRO Course 2013/08/23 - 12:57 am

Everything starts from zero & now’s the time toPush your limits...! 

Come to Malaysia and improve your safety-in-flight & Acro skills with us!  All pilots are welcome, especially those who want to try their first collapse or Full Stall, MacTwist

MPc Trip to Nepal... 2013/08/23 - 12:53 am

Unsure of where to go for your year-end vacation? Itching to try out a new flying site? Come join the MPc trip to Nepal !!! 

Fly Above The Spectacular View Of Lake Toba 2013/07/26 - 11:48 pm

Lake Toba is one of the biggest lakes in the world, and in Indonesia it is the largest and most popular.